E-enrolment is an automatic process for an employee to apply for membership to a company policy. Regardless of the insurance company, the HR department of your company and the employee, are required to fill out a simple online application. This avoids needing to get involved in complex applications of the different insurance companies. 

So, regardless of the insurance company you choose to insure a group of employees, you will not waste time with unnecessary bureaucratic procedures. 

The application that we have developed as a company, automatically processes all of the actions required to make sure your employees memberships are applied. 

The steps: 

1. Send your unique link, of which you can find on your portal, to your employee. 

2. Once they have filled in the online application, and update will be sent to you, and you can either approve or reject this application. 

3. Once you have accepted the application, the integration process automatically starts and we inform you with relevant emails, sending you and you employee a copy of the application for you to add to your files.