Signature authentication and the security of the signer.

One of our highest priorities is the security of our e-signature feature. With the e-signature signature, all of your signed documents are encrypted and kept hidden in our database. 

Contract encryption: All signature data, text fields and contract content are encrypted and stored hidden in our database. 

Tamper Resistance: Our servers are monitored 24hr for their proper operation, and we have high security measures in place. However, in the unlikely event that we are exposed to hackers, and they try to decrypt any signed document, even slightly, they will be redirected to a 404 "Message : not found". All parties associated with this document will be automatically notified that this document has been modified. 

Security using SSL: The e-signature feature must always run through a security system, and be signed with an SSL signature. 

Document and Signer ID numbers: Each document and signer have their own signed author ID. These details (along with their address) are placed in the automatically created audit trail for each signed document.

No images of e-signatures are stored on our servers: Storing your signatures is a significant risk and huge responsibility. And for this reason, all e-signatures are encrypted and only your mouse movements are recorded and saved. An image of your signature is never saved on our servers.

Audit Trail and Serial Numbers: What happens after you have signed your documents? 

Once a documents has been completed, a unique serial number is generated and placed in the contents of the control diagram, then it is emailed to all parties. If any data found in the audit trail has been processed or altered in any way, the unique serial number will be updated automatically (so you or a judge can confirm that this was (or was not) the document you signed electronically.

The e-signature is provided by a company that has spent many years creating an electronic contract signing platform that adheres to the very strict UETA and ESIGN international and national contract signing regulations.

In this way we ensure that you easily, simply and safely complete tasks that until now required time-consuming or questionable methods.