At, we show great sensitivity to the privacy of every individual. We try to communicate with you as little as it is needed, in order to respect your time, and understanding of the possible bombardment that we all experience from getting thousands of emails per day. 

The basic elements of the GDPR regulation, we had already integrated in to the way we worked, before it became a mandatory regulation in May 2018. The regulation itself essentially limits the communication that each company has with its customers, on the issues that the customers themselves have given their written consent. 

Following all the procedures in place, for each new customer registered on to our system, our company will inform the customer regarding GDPR, and are then able to accept or deny bulk emails that we may send. 

There are 2 categories of emails that we send: 

  1. Bulk emails; concerning your contract or the insurance company, that we consider it important to be informed.
  2. Personalised emails; concerning you, and your contracts.  

To receive any form of advertising message, either you will have to personally sign up for our advertising emails, or to have liked our Facebook page, of which will send you notifications. 

We consider it important that you do not unsubscribe from the first category of emails that we send, as it may result in you missing out on some important information regarding your contract. 

Our company never shares email addresses to any third party for advertising purposes. 

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